Accommodation for students near the adelaide university

adelaide university

Are you enrolled at the University of Adelaide, or will you be short? Most likely, you’ll be looking for housing close to your university’s campus if you answered yes to the previous question. There are several considerations to bear when looking for the ideal place to stay. The location of the student home and its accessibility to public transportation and facilities would be among the most important considerations. You can walk from Y Suites on Waymouth to the University of Adelaide in less than 15 minutes, thanks to our location in the city’s heart. Know all about accommodation near university of adelaide.

accommodation near university of adelaide

Experience the Best of What Adelaide, South Australia, Has to Offer

In addition, tenants at Y Suites will be able to take advantage of everything our area offers. Rundle Mall is only a 7-minute walk away if you’re in the mood for some retail therapy on the weekends. Dining options range from Korean, Vietnamese, and Italian cuisine to a cozy cafe and a nearby ice cream parlor, where you can get your fix of ice cream. Many stores and marketplaces may be found within a few minuteswalk of our student housing complex.

Embrace the Y Factor with Us

Many students from the area’s best universities have made our student accommodation facility their home. Living and studying together as a community is possible for students from various educational institutions, including the University of South Australia. Y Suites is where people from all walks of life can get together and share their unique perspectives and experiences.

Accommodations for students in Adelaide are reasonably priced.

Having a good work-study-play balance is the key. Rooms at Y Suites are available in various sizes and configurations to meet the requirements of our students. There’s something for everyone here, from large private studios with built-in kitchenettes through 8 Bedroom Apartments with separate bedrooms and study areas for each resident. Not only that, but individuals who like to study outside of their rooms may make use of our study rooms and community study facilities. Also included is a fully-equipped gym, two movie theatres, a games area, and an urban farming community garden for our members to enjoy.


Maintaining an appropriate work-study-play ratio is essential. Students at Y Suites may choose from several room sizes and layouts to fit their needs. Large private studios with built-in kitchenettes are available, as are 8 Bedroom Apartments with separate bedrooms and study spaces for each occupant. Our study rooms and communal study facilities are also available to students who work outside their rooms. Our members may also use a fully-stocked fitness center, two movie theatres, a gaming room, and an urban farming community garden.