Create your own Squid Game Mask Gang and Horses

Squid Game Merch

If you are among those people who love to create their own gangs representing a particular thing or a particular person, then in today’s date making a squid game gang can be the most adventurous thing that anyone can do. If you are a worrying where you can get the Squid Game Merch, then you can easily purchase them online now as they are available.

It’s true that if you will start making your own gang representing the squid game you and your gang will experience a lot of fun and adventure throughout the process. Well, if you have seen the squid game then you must know how you can divide your gang into different categories and if you want at some point then you can also eliminate some members at some point.

So, if you have decided to create your own squid game gang and the horses which are obviously the players, then you can follow the advice that we are going to give in this article.

Squid Game Merch

Follow the steps to create your own squid game gang

Firstly you need to understand the categories In which you can divide your entire group of people. The categories will be as following:

  • A Front man
  • Some mast men categorised into either manager, soldier, or workers
  • VIPs
  • Players or you can say the horses on which the VIPs

After understanding the different people of the game now you need to understand your friends who will be the part of your gang. Since there will only be a front man if your gang has a leader then you can give the attire of frontman to that particular person.

Speaking of the masked Man there are many in the show who are categorised into three types which we have mentioned earlier so depending upon maybe the responsibility or the behaviour of some of your friends you can classify them into either of the three and give them the respective masks with the shapes that will represent their category.

Next comes the VIPs who are the people who bet on the players in the show. They are quite powerful and rich since they take bit in a good amount so you can create some people as the VIPs of the squid game.

Last but not the least comes to players who are the main artists and focus of the entire show. The players have the courage and dare to participate in the game which they thought would give them some money at the end. But nothing happens as we expect so instead of just a normal game, the squid game comes out to be in the game of life. At every level of squid game whoever breaks the rules of the game or loses the games get evicted which means they die in the reel game. But in real you can just evict some players you don’t want from your gang. You can also give certain numbers to your players which can be either of the numbers that the main artists represented in the game.