End shockwave therapy Singapore for chronic pain

shockwave therapy

Shock waves are an excellent solution to chronic calcification problems and degenerative changes in joints and tissue. For example, tennis elbow is caused by calcifications and degenerative changes in tendons as in cases of tennis elbow calcifications in the shoulder and frozen shoulder, spur in the foot, Achilles tendonitis, trigger finger, and more. The shockwave therapy singapore has been a great success among athletes and people suffering from calcifications and degenerative changes in the karma and joints due to being an external, non-invasive treatment that provides results in a short time without any surgical intervention.

shockwave therapy singapore

Tennis elbow – advanced solutions

It is important to diagnose tennis elbow accurately by an orthopedic doctor. There are cases where the recommendation is for supports and stabilizers that allow for rest and tissue restoration and cases where the patient will be referred for orthopedic surgery. But it is important to know that most cases can be cured without surgical intervention. Today, there are innovative solutions to tennis elbow syndrome and problems of degenerative changes and fibrotic tissue in the tendons. These solutions consist of two types of treatment that are sometimes also combined together: shock waves and PR injections. The patient’s condition can be significantly improved, degenerative changes disintegrated and the healing process of tissue tears accelerated.

Benefits of treating tennis elbow shock waves:

It is a treatment that has been a great success not only among athletes but also among people suffering from problems that cause degenerative changes like arthritis and inflammation in the tissue as a result of illness, injury, or advanced age. The success rates of the treatment are very high because it attacks the problem itself that causes the pain – breaks down the calcification, stimulates the blood flow in the area, helps in the regeneration of the tissue, and leads to effective removal of calcium deposits. The external, radiation-free treatment provides results in a short time and prevents thousands of invasive operations and orthopedic surgeries a year. Significantly accelerates recovery in cases of tendon ruptures. Natural and external treatment without side effects or radiation – can be performed at any age, even in cases of background shock shocks attack the cause of pain – degenerative changes, fibroids, and calcifications in tendon tissue – and break them to cause a significant reduction in pain – The end of chronic pain immediately improves movement and joint function- Targeted treatment at the injured site. High success rates – In many cases the treatment eliminates the need for surgery.