Everything About The Top-Up Plan In A Nutshell

optional benefits

In the event of a medical emergency, health insurance will cover your expenses. However, if your hospital bills exceed your health insurance coverage, you must pay the difference out of pocket. Top-up plans, on the other hand, can help you avoid this situation providing you with optional benefits.

But, in terms of health insurance policies, what are top-up plans? How do they function? What are the benefits and drawbacks of each?

What is a top-up plan?

If you already have health insurance but feel that the coverage is insufficient for your current needs, you can purchase a top-up decision to enhance your amount of coverage. If your claim for hospitalisation exceeds the amount covered by your base health plan, you can use the top-up policy to protect the difference.

Top-up plans and super top-up plans are the two types of plans available.

 Top-up plan

A top-up policy applies per claim and only tries to kick in if the claim amount is greater than the health insurance plan’s coverage. If you have a top-up plan, for instance, and your hospital bill surpasses the amount covered by your health insurance policy, you can assert the difference from your top-up plan for that specific claim.

optional benefits

  1. Super top-up plan

If you have drained the yearly cover provided by the base health insurance caused by repeated claims, super top-up pay the cost. It works on an absolute level and kicks in once your foundation policy amount has been depleted. As a result, unlike a top-up plan, there is no claim level threshold.

Difference Between A Top-Up Plan And A Rider

You must purchase a rider along with your health insurance policy to receive additional benefits from your basic policy. You could indeed add riders to your policy, just like you can with health insurance, such as room rent waiver, maternity profit, critical illness coverage, accidental benefits coverage, and so on.

In the meantime, you must purchase top-up or super-top-up plans separately. It is also used to increase the amount of coverage you have above and beyond your basic health insurance policy.


Top-up plans are a great way to boost the amount of health insurance coverage you have. However, before purchasing a top-up plan, read the relevant documents carefully to understand and recognize the contract terms so that you do not have any problems filing a claim.