Explore the Different Beliefs and New Religious Movement

 Belief is a state of the mind when one examines something true even though you’re not sure 100% or able to prove it. Everybody has an understanding of life and the world they experience. Supportive beliefs may structure belief systems, which may be ideological, religious, or philosophical. Religions are belief systems that concern the spirituality of humanity.

Religion is a group of cultural systems, worldviews, belief systems. That relates to humanity spiritually. And also to moral values. A lot of religions have traditions, narratives, sacred histories, and symbols. That is studied to explain the origin of life or the universe. They tend to gain religious laws, morality, ethics, or lifestyle from their ideas. A lot of religions have clergy, organized behaviors. Or a definition of what forms membership. Regular services or meetings for prayer, holy places, or scriptures.

The exercise of religion may include sacrifices, meditation, or sermons. Many human societies have historical evidence of their beliefs. Whether it was the worship of the gods and goddesses, the sun, or the knowledge of good and evil. In the most simple words, religion means the relationship of human beings. To what they know spiritual, holy, divine, or sacred.

Statistics on belief or religion followers can never be 100% accurate.

Some of the estimated number of followers of the largest religions:

  • Christianity- with 2.4 billion followers. It is the most broadly practiced religion in the world. The world’s largest religion. The Christian faith focuses on beliefs about life, birth. Death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It teaches about Jesus Christ, 2000 years ago who lived in the Holy Land.
  • Hinduism- 900 million followers. The most old religions in the world. Based on many scholars with customs and roots way back more than 4,000 years. Hinduism is the 3rd largest religion behind Islam and Christianity. 95% of most of the world’s Hindus live in India.

  • Buddhism- with 520+ million followers, the 4th largest religion. With over 7% of the global population of Buddhists. Buddhism encloses a variety of beliefs, traditions, and spiritual practices. Based widely on original teachings allocated to the Buddha. And resulting explained philosophies.
  • Islam- 1.9 billion followers. It is Abrahamic monotheistic religion practices and teachings. That Muhammad is a messenger of God. It is the world’s second-largest religion. With 24.9% of the Muslim population. Muslims made the majority of the population in 51 countries.

There are several New Religious Movement (NRM). Accepted generally as a term for what they called “cult”. The term New Religious Movement is used to all new faiths that are rising worldwide. NRM’s are distinguished by many shared traits. They provide the latest religious responses to the conditions of the modern world. NRMs are also known as “countercultural”. One of these religious movements is the Shincheonji.

The Shincheonji movement began in 1984. And has more than 150,000 registered numbers of members. It has reached its influences in all directions. Which reach even in South Africa. Based on their beliefs, the spirit of Jesus Christ descends into Man Hee Lee. And their followers believe that he is the promised pastor and he is the immortal. Lee employs various ways to approach the scripture.