Gain knowledge about the different types of electric trolling motors


If you are a person who wants to be a dedicated angler then you want to install an electric trolling motor in the boat. It may help to get your boat in complete control and change fishing location quickly.

Before purchasing the electric trolling, you need to look at the options available in the electric motor to choose the right one for your boat.

Bow mount motor, Transom mount motor, and Engine mount motors are the three types of motor that can be used in the boat. These types of motors are determined by the place of the boat where they are installed. The place of the boat where the motor is installed should be considered for controlling the boat. These motors are operated with batteries that produce power to move the boat. Usually, the two types of batteries used in the boat they are 12 v or 24 v. More power leads to more distance of moving.

So, we will discuss the how to hook up 24 volt trolling motor types in detail in this article. From this, you will get an idea about which trolling motor is best for your boat.

Bow mount trolling motor

The trolling motor which is installed on the front of the boat is called the bow mount trolling motor. These bow mount motors are provided through the batteries which are connected with the wires. Many fishermen are more likely to use these motors because they are traditionally used for a long time. It is worthy to invest in this type o motor for both experienced and beginner anglers.

These trolling motors will provide you with a great level of control and precise movement which is a great advantage of it. In the market, the bow mount trolling motor is best than any other motor. This makes you comfortable and efficient in fishing because the control of your boat is at your hand.


Transom trolling motors

The trolling motor which you see at the back of the boat is called the transom trolling motor. The transom mount motors are more difficult to control than bow mount motors. This motor is usually controlled by hand or tiller steer controlled which is like a gasoline trolling motor. These motors are connected to the craft with the use of a clamp-on bracket.

Installing a transom motor is a good idea for smaller boats like canoes, it only requires only less space in the craft. It is also always a hand-controlled motor so it is easy to drive the boat. You do not need to worry about the complicated process of installing this motor because it comes pre-installed on the market.

Engine mount trolling motor

If you don’t have enough space on deck then choosing this how to hook up 24 volt trolling motor makes sense. Because this motor does not need more space and is attached to the outboard engine.

Only a craft with thrust is provided in this motor, which allows controlling the speed, direction, and changing motor thrust setting. You can use the outboard wheel or steering wheel for moving the direction of the boat.

Digital control trolling motors

These trolling motors, as the name suggests, feature cutting-edge technology and are digitally controlled. The brand and kind of engine determine how these motors are put on your boat; nonetheless, they are frequently bow-mounted. They are typically outfitted with a variety of high-tech capabilities, including autopilot functionality and built-in GPS.