How to clean hard floors and management

Thanks to the different specializations achieved by the various employees, the company also provides a green maintenance service for both private individuals and public bodies such as schools. Finally, it carries out porterage, transport and cleaning of cellars and warehouses.

Once the cleaning on the outside is finished, we can now dedicate ourselves to the internal environments . These environments, more “lived in” than a garden or patio, give us the impression of benefiting from a more thorough and continuous cleaning throughout the year. This is partly true, but we often tend to do a general and coarse cleaning, leaving out the details. Spring cleaning is an opportunity to clean even the most hidden corners from top to bottom professional hard floor cleaning services in Long Island.

The 3 steps addressed for outdoor cleaning , i.e. organizing and planning the activity, defining a structured work plan by drawing up a checklist and finally identifying the most suitable equipment – also apply to cleaning indoor environments such as offices, hotels, restaurants, etc. The applications and areas of intervention in these settings are truly numerous.

Now let’s find out what are the professional machinery and equipment for cleaning indoor floors.

How to clean floors: what products to use to make them shiny and stain-free

Cleaning the floors is an operation that may seem trivial but it is not always true. Depending on the characteristics of the floor and the degree of soiling, there are different equipment that can be used for cleaning floors and which simplify this task.


For the mechanized cleaning of tough floors (e.g. mortar, linoleum, PVC, ceramic), scrubbers are usually used . These machines, in fact, thanks to the technology they are equipped with, damp the floor in a sole step and consume the dirt placed on the ground, assuring quick and productive cleaning.

The workhorse of IPC is undoubtedly the CT5 , the mini floor cleaner powered by lithium-ion batteries, ideal for cleaning small and medium-sized areas. The efficiency of washing with a disc brush and flawless drying in every direction make it extremely versatile and reliable. This “small, large washer-dryer” with a compact design is equipped with an adjustable handle through which the operator can reach all the areas to be cleaned. Moreover, thanks to its very small size, it is possible to load and park it even in small spaces such as the trunk of a car.