How to enjoy your own freedom of moving?

The person with disabilities and old-age people faces greater difficulty in walking the stairs and high-slope areas. They should get treated in a better and proper way by offering adequate facilities to walk around those areas. There are many technologies and equipment developed to help people suffering from disabling. They may feel more difficult and sometimes may fall down while walking on the stairs. So,to avoid these problems, they have designed different ramps for the welfare of the handicapped and old-age persons. The ramps are the commercial equipment used in homes and environments to help disabled people in crossing and walking across the stairs.

There are various types of portable ramps for buildings, public places, and easy transportations. They mainly use the ramps for public places and buildings for the easy entry and exit of the differently-abled persons or wheelchair-bound persons to make their moves comfortable at various locations. They designed the telescopic portable ramps for easy handling and transportation facilities.

Types of ramps

Some of the common rampe handicapé are,

Angled entry ramps:

  • This ramp is a type of portable and standalone threshold ramp, which comprises independent survival feet along with the adjustable legs attached to it.
  • This applies to in-and-out, swinging doorways, single-step rises, or uneven surfaces.
  • It has an additional feature of lightweight, made using high-strength aluminum and extruded slip-resistance to withstand different weather.

Wheelchair ramps:

  • They design this type of handrail for the person using wheelchairs to move from one place to another place, and who feel difficulty crossing the stairs and surface areas.
  • It is a better option to install this type of ramp in your homes and surrounding environments for the benefit of the disabled.
  • They make the wheel-type ramps using fresh materials like wood, aluminum, steel, and concrete.

You can select the material type based on the availability of space and convenience of usage of a person. But aluminum is the best choice for many people because of its high durability and resistance.

Permanent ramps:

  • This ramp is useful for the person and gets installed in their vehicles when they use a particular property or area, continuously using scooters and wheelchairs.
  • They mainly make it using concrete or timber and require more space and are cost-efficient.
  • It must have a proper level of a platform to help people with wheelchairs to stop safely when the doors are in an open state of condition.

You can buy various types of temporary and permanent rampe handicapé at online stores or at the direct shops based on the comfort and availability of a place. They base the cost of the ramp on its type, material, and features of the product.

Benefits of using ramps

  • The ramps are helpful for easy navigation of the doorways and help pedestrians to enter their homes easily without seeking the help of others.
  • It provides independence to different-abled and helps them to move inside and outside of their place on their own.
  • It offers complete safety and security to move outdoors and helps in enjoying the fresh air and complete freedom like a normal person.
  • Some types of ramps are useful for the easy lifting of vehicles like cars and scooters.