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foam board printing

Imprinting On Styrene-Faced Foam Board

Styrene-confronted froth board, otherwise called (UltraBoard, Gatorplast, Infinity Board, or Duraplast) is an incredible answer for thick unbending signage applications where evenness, inflexibility, and weight are significant. Where foam board printing fall flat, styrene-confronted froth board succeeds.

What is a styrene-capped foam board?

On second thought, this extraordinary froth board has no paper arrangement and is all plastic-based. This plastic froth board is made of a high-thickness polystyrene froth and is covered between two print-grade high-influence polystyrenes confronted sheets.

The shortfall of paper in the item makes this all-plastic substrate more strong, influence safe, twist safe, and dampness safe than paper-based froth sheets (froth center). The mix of the denser (2.5x) polystyrene froth and the high-influence polystyrene facers make this sandwich substrate imprint safe and solid for retail use and smooth for advanced printing or screen printing.

foam board printing

Imprinting On Styrene Faced Foam Board

Because of the thickness, plastic covering, and inflexibility, substrates like styrene confronted froth board must be imaged through screen printing or computerized inkjet printing techniques as other print strategies aren’t possible. The makers of this material suggest utilizing UV-based ink sets.

For what reason should you use styrene-faced foam board?

For applications requiring profundity, solidness, and quality, there are not many material choices more qualified than styrene-covered froth board. UltraBoard, Infinity Board, and GatorPlast are lightweight answers for those looking for thick layered realistic arrangements, for example, hanging retail signage, layered letters, retail installations, inside header signs,and window 3D layered shows, inside signage, and POP shows.

Mark Resistant

One of the most notable highlights of the styrene-covered froth board is that it’s solid and is completely mark and scratch safe. Signage utilized in the open retail foundations are contacted, scratched, knocked, and eventually harmed. Since styrene-covered froth board utilizes a high-thickness styrene froth that is around 2.5x denser than the froth utilized in paper-based froth sheets, the froth doesn’t pack as effectively, causing imprints. Matched with high-influence polystyrene (HIPS) as facers stuck to the froth, this material is protected and solid. Clients who find it coincidentally result in minor harm, making this liked for public use.


Beyond its solid material cosmetics, the styrene-covered froth load-up endures for quite a while. This is because it’s made from engineered materials that are dampness safe, gouge/scratch safe, and twist safe. Materials that are worked given solidness seldom need supplanting except if the advertising signage becomes unessential. Involving solid materials for medium to long haul life traverses brings down substitution costs and guarantees the designs and brand look great. Harmed or clumsy signage can discolor a brand or lower evaluating power.