PSLE Exam Paper- Its Importance and Myths

PSLE Exam Paper- Its Importance and Myths

PSLE exam paper is important because it tests the aptitude of a child. It clarifies where the child’s interests and abilities lie. This test is taken after elementary school ends. It helps you to know which academic field is suitable for you. So, it is a comfortable process of self-awareness. PSLE tests four major subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, and Mother’s tongue. It is necessary for all the students passing from elementary school in Singapore to take this test. It helps to understand their academic aptitude and prevent confusion in the future.

How is PSLE useful?

When you finish primary school, you have built a foundation of literacy. PSLE helps you with knowing your academic capabilities and strengths. It is highly fair and impartial in talking about elementary school posting. However, it does not test other qualities of the child. So, not scoring well in the exam does not mean you are degrading yourself. It just helps you with your academic choices. Therefore, the education system does not entirely depend on this exam to test anyone’s strengths.

PSLE exam paper

Why are there eight achievement levels?

PSLE tests the abilities of students on a wide spectrum. There are chances students have similar marks. For example, if one student scores 75 and the other scores 78, there might not be much difference between the two. At the same time, if one is scoring 75, but the other is scoring 85, it makes a lot of difference. So, to avoid such circumstances, it is important to have 8 ALs. The more will be the achievement levels. The less the chances of similar scores will be.

Common myths around PSLE

  1. The new scoring system is more difficult- The syllabus of the curriculum remains the same and is independent of any changes in the scoring system.
  2. Passing marks is 65- To your surprise, PSLE does not have any passing or failing marks. It tests your academic strength and helps you choose the correct field for yourself.
  3. Fewer people will be eligible for the express course- This is not true. The new scoring system does not affect anything. Whosoever is qualified to get the express course will get it.


In this article, you have read about the various uses and myths of the PSLE exam paper. Therefore, do not listen to people and take the test. It is important for your development and self-awareness.