Reasons Why HPI Check Is A Must For Used Car Buyers

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When buying used cars in montclair, it is important to make sure that you are getting the best quality. One of the ways to check this is by having a car history report done by HPI Check for yourself. HPI Check can provide you with a comprehensive report on your vehicle, which will show you where and how much the car has been in use, what maintenance needs there might be, as well as any outstanding recall or warranty issues.

The HPI Check report

HPI Check is a third party company that can provide you with a full report on your used car. Having processed millions of vehicle records since 1999, it is one of the most reliable sources for vehicle history information. It does not matter if you are buying from a seller in the UK, Sweden, and Australia or elsewhere, as HPI Check provides reports for cars all over the world.

The report can be accessed online and gives you information on the car’s; engine size, service history, mileage details, accident records and more. As an extra safety measure there will also be a check conducted on the vehicle’s VIN number to ensure that it is not a stolen car or if any outstanding finance is owed on it.

Why have an HPI Check done?

One of the main reasons for having an HPI check done is to find out what work has been done to your car in the past and when. Having this knowledge can be particularly useful if you are purchasing from an individual and not a car dealer, as it will make it easier for you to negotiate the price with them. You will also be able to find out if the car has ever been written off or stolen and is being sold without the owner’s knowledge. This is especially important if you are purchasing a second-hand car that is still under warranty, as knowing that the original purchaser still owes money on the vehicle might help you to get a discount on your purchase.

used cars in montclair

Another reason why it is important to have an HPI check done on your used car before buying it, is because of accident history provided by HPI Check. If the car has been in an accident, it might be possible to negotiate a lower price for it, but only if you are aware of the accident before buying it. Having an HPI Check done on your used car will also tell you if there are outstanding recall issues or if there is any warranty still left on the vehicle. If there is warranty left on the vehicle, then this will make it easier to negotiate a lower price with the seller.

When using HPI Check report online, you can also allow your personal mechanic to have access to your report while they are assessing your vehicle. This way they can easily see what work needs doing and when so that they can get a comprehensive repair quote for you right away.