Retainers – common mistakes to avoid

clean retainer with vinegar

Today the retainers are widely used by many people who have removed their braces. This is because the retainers will help in maintaining the position of the teeth once the braces is removed. Even though the retainers tend to have endless benefits while coming to the oral care, there are some of the most common mistakes that are to be avoided while using the retainer. Some of those common mistakes done by many users are revealed below.

Ignoring retainer case

Many people who are using the retainer will not prefer carrying their retainer case. It is to be noted that this is not the right way to handle the retainer. They must always have the retainer case by their side. Once if they tend to remove the retainer they must place it only in the retainer case; and surely not in the tissue or cloth as they may lose it easily by mistake. Since the retainer case will be highly compact in size, carrying it will not put the users into great trouble.

Not cleaning properly

Cleaning the retainer is highly concerned with the dental health of the users. Hence they must use the properly cleaned retainer which will not cause any kind of infections in their oral region. They should not use the harsh chemicals for cleaning. For best result, they can clean retainer with vinegar. And they can also use tooth paste and other mouth washers for cleaning the retainer in the safest way. Each and every time after removing the retainer, they must clean it before storing.

clean retainer

Letting it to get dried

Many people will feel it lazier to clean the retainer immediately after removing. Hence they will store it without cleaning and the retainer will also get dried out over a certain time. It is to be noted that once if the retainer is dried out, it is very hard to clean and the micro organisms may also get developed which may make the cleaning process more complicated. Thus, this kind of mistake should be strictly avoided.

Not wearing it properly

Many people may forget to wear the retainer once if they have stored it in the retainer box. These people must remember that the alignment of their teeth may get changed in case if they fail to use the retainer properly. And in case if the alignment gets changed, all the effort initiated by them may go in vain. Hence they must be worn properly without any constraint.