Tips for Encrypting Messages That Self Destruct


Encrypting messages can be a hassle. In order to read them in the future, you have to make sure to copy the encryption key and keep a copy of it somewhere safe for when you need it. This makes communication a chore.

Tip 1: Use self-destructing messages

This is a good way to make encryption easier. All you need is an application that can encrypt your messages. After you encrypt it, the application will then delete your encryption key. This means you don’t have to worry about it in the future because even if someone gets your phone or computer, they couldn’t access the привнот message if it’s deleted. The only flaw is that if you lose your phone or computer, you also lose your encrypted text messages because they cannot be recovered from deletion. This way of encryption is useful if your phone or computer is lost, damaged or stolen.

Tip 2: Always make copies of messages and encryption keys

In order to be able to read encrypted messages later on, you have to make a copy of it on some safe place. This can be a USB drive, paper or even electronically as long as there is protection against viruses. You can write copies of the message and keep it somewhere safe or make an electronic copy of it. You could also transcribe the encrypted text messages if you prefer that over writing it out.

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Tip 3: Be aware of how laws work for encryption messages

Rules differ from country to country as well as from state to state. For example, in Virginia, public authorities are allowed to intercept text messages. This is a direct violation of privacy but since VoIPs are not considered private communication, they are allowed to listen in on phone conversations. In another state, they may not be allowed to do that. Make sure you know the encryption laws in your area so that you don’t have any issues when trying to read your encrypted messages in the future.

Tip 4: Avoid using SMS

SMS can’t encrypt messages because the messages need to be stored temporarily on the server of the cell phone carrier. This means anyone who has access to your cellular account would also have access to all your messages. Use applications that send encrypted instant messages such as Apple’s iMessages. Another application you could use is Wickr.


You should use encryption for all of your important communications. The tips mentioned above can help make encryption easier for you so you can stay safe from prying eyes. Encryption is a valuable tool that everyone should use if they want to keep their private conversations private.