Used car warranty: what it means and how it works

The used car warranty protects buyers, but it is good to understand its duration and what it covers. This particular kind of purchase of a second hand car is a practice growing in our country. The possibility of finding vehicles with limited mileage at an affordable price often proves to be a winner, but when signing the contract it is good to keep in mind all the protections reserved for the buyer. These include the used car warranty . Let’s find out what it is used cars in sacramento.

Not only new cars are covered by warranty, but also used ones. Our Civil Code has in fact provided for protection for these vehicles for 12 or 24 months in relation to damage that can affect mechanical parts , electrical components and that of the bodywork .

The warranty on used cars , on the other hand, does not extend to all those elements subject to ordinary wear such as brake pads, light bulbs, wiper blades, spark plugs, filters, clutch, tires and battery, nor to damage caused by improper use of the vehicle.

Used vehicle warranty: the law

In this case, a one-year guarantee is provided for the seller against defects that make the asset unsuitable for use or decrease its value, but to avoid falling into error it is good to distinguish the hypothesis in which the purchase of the car takes place at a dealer than the one agreed by private individuals.

Private used car warranty

In the event that the purchase of a used car takes place privately, the  guarantee is not mandatory , but becomes so if a mediator has intervened, such as those who exhibit the car on their premises. In this case it will be the latter to offer the guarantee even if the transfer of ownership takes place between private individuals.

If there is no mediator present, in order to be able to assert one’s reasons, it is necessary to appeal to the judicial authority, citing the seller for the defects of the vehicle.

Used car warranty from dealers

The situation is quite different if the car is purchased from a dealer . In this case you will be able to enjoy a legal guarantee lasting 24 months , but the parties may agree to reduce this term up to 12 months, but this indication must be expressly reported on the purchase contract.

All those defects that appear within the first six months of buying the car are assumed to already exist at the time of sale. The buyer therefore has two months from the discovery of the defect to report the defect to the seller and this communication must be sent by registered letter with return receipt to the dealership where the purchase took place and the date on which it was purchased must be proven. delivered the car, perhaps attaching a copy of the contract, so as to prevent any disputes regarding the expiry of the warranty.