Variety of disposable vape kits for beginners

dinner lady

Disposable vape kits

The starter kits, box mods, and pod devices appear in the vaping world. The disposable kits have their own vocation. A lot of people in the UK think about these kits to be included in their vape necessary list.

Disposable vape kits are happy to be your favorite device. They are the emergency backup to your vape. In case your device won’t work don’t be too confident with the vape pens. The stock devices from the leading brands that every pen has its own shelf life. You can keep a disposable pen and go.


There is a small range of disposable kits such as nasty juice and dinner lady juice disposables. These both brands that you can count on because of their high-quality materials at a reasonable price. The flavors vary from watermelon ice to fan-favorite lemon tart.

Dinner Lady Vape

The Dinner Lady disposable vapes are the perfect tasting. And now available in a disposable vape pen. The variety of the nicotine and flavor options is 1.5ml. It has an organic cotton wick and has a durable aluminum case. Which is ready to go out of your pocket for a perfect on-the-go vape. The mouthpiece is clear in order the liquid level is easy to see. And it can draw some activation lights that are colored blue at the bottom of the vape. It flashes to give you a warning that it is empty.

Each of them has 1 Disposable vape that has a 300mAh battery that is equal to 20 cigarettes. To switch on the device you need to remove the rubber seal in the mouthpiece. Remove the sticker from the bottom of it and you can now use it.

The dinner lady disposable flavors:

  • Smooth tobacco
  • Lemon tart
  • Blue menthol

Nasty Fix Vape

It is a disposable vape that is pre-filled powered by a 280mAh built-in battery. It is very simple to use that is perfect for users that are switching from smoking. It gives low maintenance and it is about 300 puffs.

It is a pocket-friendly device and the easiest to use. You just need to inhale on the mouthpiece. Once you finish it you can dispose of and replace it.

The nasty fix disposable flavors:

  • Watermelon ice
  • Pure tobacco
  • Blackcurrant Cotton Candy
  • Cushman Mango
  • Pineapple Lemonade
  • Double Apple


Disposable vape kits are made for?

These kits are made for everyone that uses vape. Either beginner or advanced vapers consider the disposable to be part of their experience. The kit comes with a complete set. Everything you need to experience is on the go.

The main goal is to have a low-investment for beginners who want to enter the vaping world. The kit has 20mg of nicotine that is perfect for people who smoke 10 or more per day.

Most people recommend these products to those who are on the go. The purpose of disposable pens is a perfect emergency device and because of their easy-to-use features. Most vapers are keeping a disposable kit on them just in case they run out.