What is a Crepe Pan and Its Uses?


            People nowadays are looking for things that can entertain them while they’re staying at home. Some love to watch movies or TV shows, play games online, or try out new activities. While other people want to experiment with cooking or baking.

Crepes are one of the favorite dishes of everybody. There are a lot of various kinds: thick and tall, thin with sweet fillings. Like meat, fish, or mushrooms, whatever that suits your taste. Also different sauces and toppings. Yet, even the most famous recipe doesn’t assure that the crepes will come out perfect as they should be. The right crepe pan is the major secret of ideal crepes. Such a pan is unlikely to turn your crepes either stick or burn.

Crepe Pans

            Crepe pans are short and thin which makes them easier to store. Non-electric crepe pans provide the heat control you need. To achieve the perfect golden color in a quick amount of time. If you add so much batter to a pan, it’s easy to flow off the excess. Crepe pans are found made of cast iron, nonstick, or enameled cast iron. Cast iron choices can be heated to much higher temperatures than nonstick.

Selecting the Right Way

            Now if you’re asking what a good crepe pan is like? And which type is considered the best? Some are lucky to have an inherited frying pan from their grandmother or a mom. You will know that it has good quality since it was tested by years of cooking. Also, today’s choices offer good crepe pans too. The variety is vast, yet the main thing to understand is what you want. Also, each model has its pros and cons.

creape pan

Good quality crepe pan should be:

  • With a smooth bottom, thick, and walls for heat transfer and even for heating
  • With low walls, so it can flip conveniently even the thinnest crepes
  • With a handle made of the material which doesn’t get hot
  • Comfortable size: preferably, it should not be larger than 26cm. And should not be smaller than 20cm in diameter: it will be easier to flip crepes and heating will be even.

You can buy a square crepe pan if you’re not a fan of classic style. Yet you need to consider all other requirements. You should not also try to save money when you’re buying this type of cookware. Since a good crepe pan will provide you delicious crepes more than once.

Types of Crepe Pans:

            The material of the crepe pan plays an important role. The variety of crepe pans has 2 types:

  1. With non-stick coating- due to modern technology. People can now buy distinct frying pans without adding fat. That will fry the product perfectly. The non-stick coating is very convenient. It looks unusual and attractive and it is light.
  1. Without non-stick coating- there are also crepe pans that exist. Without a special non-stick coating. These are usually aluminum, steel, and cast iron.

Steel is great for its resistance to deformation and lightweight weight. Also in durability and its affordable cost. Aluminum frying pans are even lighter and cheaper. Yet, since this type of metal is very soft. The cookware gets deformed easily. If you plan to buy a crepe pan made of aluminum. Select the one with a very thick bottom and walls. In this way, you will maintain its original shape much longer. Cast iron will serve for 100 years, the only drawback is its heavyweight.

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